Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sly-Tones

Genre: Blues / Garage / Psychedelic
Location: BrightonLondon and South EastUnited Kingdom

The Sly-tones were drawn together by a common goal – to create something different.
This Brighton based five piece possess a wide range of influences from psychedelic 60’s to samba and drum ‘n bass all entwined in their music. The songs groove with a sinister air, retro yet contemporary. Old yet new. The sound is pulled together with raw and horny vocals, Edwards menacing, growling voice hollers tales of sex, drugs and politics. Ever wary of clichés, The Sly-tones’ take on children songs show how it is so easy to hide vulgarity under innocence.

The Sly-Tones are:
Ashley Edwards
Bradley Wescott
Carl Brothwood
Chip Phillips
Freddie Hills

Frankly, they're great. I like them. I was on their concert and they made a show. A real show. I love their songs and they are completely awesome. 

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