Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dracula's Daughter [1936]

Genre: drama, fantasy, horror

Duration: 1:08:13

Rating: 6,4/10
My Rating: 6/10

Hungarian countess Marya Zaleska seeks the aid of a noted psychiatrist, in hopes of freeing herself of a mysterious evil influence.

Director: Lambert Hillyer
Stars: Otto KrugerGloria HoldenMarguerite Churchill

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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Shawshank Redemption [1994]

Genre: crime, drama

Duration: 2:18:59

Rating: 9,3/10
My Rating: 9/10

Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency.

Director:  Frank Darabont
Stars: Tim RobbinsMorgan FreemanBob Gunton

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LOL [2012]

Genre: comedy, drama, romance

Duration: 1:37:15

Rating: 4,1/10
My Rating: 5/10

As a new year at school begins, Lola's heart is broken by her boyfriend, though soon she's surprised by her best friend, promising musician Kyle, who reveals his feelings for her.

Director: Lisa Azuelos
Stars: Miley CyrusDouglas BoothAshley Greene

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Inception [2010]

Genre: action, adventure, mystery, sci-fi, thriller

Duration: 148 min

Rating: 8,8/10
My Rating: 10/10

A skilled extractor is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible.

Director:  Christopher Nolan
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprioJoseph Gordon-LevittEllen Page

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ted [2012]

Genre: comedy, fantasy

Duration: 106 min

Rating: 7,1/10
My Rating: 10/10

As the result of a childhood wish, John Bennett's teddy bear, Ted, came to life and has been by John's side ever since - a friendship that's tested when Lori, John's girlfriend of four years, wants more from their relationship.

Director: Seth MacFarlane
Stars: Mark WahlbergMila KunisSeth MacFarlane

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter [2012]

Genre: action, fantasy, horror, thriller

Duration: 105 min

Rating: 6/10
My Rating: 6/10

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, discovers vampires are planning to take over the United States. He makes it his mission to eliminate them.

Director: Timur Bekmambetov
Stars: Benjamin WalkerRufus SewellDominic Cooper

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Monday, April 21, 2014

I, Frankenstein [2014]

Genre: action, fantasy, sci-fi

Duration: 92 min

Rating: 5,3/10
My Rating: 7/10

Frankenstein's creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans.

Director: Stuart Beattie
Stars: Aaron EckhartBill NighyMiranda OttoYvonne Strahovski

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RV [2006]

Genre: adventure, comedy, family

Duration: 99 min

Rating: 5,5/10
My Rating: 7/10

Bob Munro and his dysfunctional family rent an RV for a road trip to the Colorado Rockies, where they ultimately have to contend with a bizarre community of campers.

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Robin WilliamsCheryl HinesKristin Chenoweth

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Friday, April 18, 2014

American Gangster [2007]

Genre: biography, crime, drama

Duration: 157 min

Rating: 7,8/10
My Rating: 4,5/5

In 1970s America, a detective works to bring down the drug empire of Frank Lucas, a heroin kingpin from Manhattan, who is smuggling the drug into the country from the Far East.

Director: Ridley Scott
Stars: Denzel WashingtonRussell CroweChiwetel Ejiofor

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Thousand Words [2012]

Genre: comedy, drama, romance

Duration: 91 min

Rating: 5,9/10
My Rating: 4/5

After stretching the truth on a deal with a spiritual guru, literary agent Jack McCall finds a Bodhi tree on his property. Its appearance holds a valuable lesson on the consequences of every word we speak.

Director: Brian Robbins
Stars: Eddie MurphyCliff CurtisKerry Washington

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Mama [2013]

Genre: horror

Duration: 100 min

Rating: 6,3/10
My Rating: 4/5

Annabel and Lucas are faced with the challenge of raising his young nieces that were left alone in the forest for 5 years.... but how alone were they?

Director: Andrés Muschietti
Stars: Jessica ChastainNikolaj Coster-WaldauMegan Charpentier, Isabelle Nélisse

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28 Weeks Later [2007]

Genre: horror, sci-fi, thriller

Duration: 100 min

Rating: 7/10
My Rating: 5/5

Six months after the rage virus was inflicted on the population of Great Britain, the US Army helps to secure a small area of London for the survivors to repopulate and start again. But not everything goes to plan.

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Stars: Jeremy RennerRose ByrneRobert Carlyle

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Battleship [2012]

Genre: action, adventure, sci-fi, thriller

Duration: 131 min

Rating: 5,9/10
My Rating: 3/5

A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals.

Director: Peter Berg
Stars: Taylor Kitsch, Alexander SkarsgårdBrooklyn DeckerLiam Neeson, Rihanna

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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers [2002]

Genre: action, adventure, fantasy

Duration: 179 min

Rating: 8,8/10
My Rating: 5/5

While Frodo and Sam edge closer to Mordor with the help of the shifty Gollum, the divided fellowship makes a stand against Sauron's new ally, Saruman, and his hordes of Isengard.

Director: Peter Jackson
Stars: Elijah WoodIan McKellenViggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Orlando Bloom

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