Sunday, September 4, 2011

Leptirica [1973]

Genre: Drama, Horror

Story follows young man Strahinja who is in love with a local beauty Radojka, but their relationship has an obstacle - her father Zivan, who considers Strahinja as nothing but a loser. To prove that he's able to take care of himself and his future bride, Strahinja agrees to take vacancy in village mill... But, mill is known as a place where no one meets the dawn alive... Written by Nino  

This is one Yugoslavian horror film. Translate of the title can be "The She-Butterfly". Movie is great. I mean, for the time it's filmed, it's really good. Most of people won't like it because of bad camera, bad special effects, but that's why back then, there weren't any good. So, if you can enjoy old, good movies, just watch this one.


Djordje Kadijevic


Milovan Glisic (story), Djordje Kadijevic


 Mirjana Nikolic (Radojka), Petar Bozovic (Strahinja) and Slobodan Perovic (Zivan)

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