Monday, September 12, 2011

Kako je propao rokenrol [1989]

Genre: Comedy

Omnibus film, consisting of three independent parts: in the first story, Koma, a failed rocker, wants to prove to his producer father that newly composed music could be better than his. He becomes a mysterious masked folk singer-known as Ninja. In the second, Dracula is killed... again. This time he does not dies oby way of a wooden stake, a silver bullet, or a cross. A blond woman manages to deprive him of eternal life without the help of sunrise. The last story is about Eve and Djuro. She is creator, he is a musician. They live in a harmonious relationship, but a love letter brings division among them.Written by Nikola Popovic  

I love it. It is older movie, but it's great. It won't be so cool to people who are not from some of ex-yu countries, but I really enjoyed. 

Directed by
Goran Gajic (segment "Ne salji mi pisma")
Zoran Pezo (segment "Do izvora dva putica")
Vladimir Slavica (segment "Nije sve u ljubavi (ima nesto i u lovi)")

Writing credits
Aleksandar Barisic segment Nije sve u ljubav
Biljana Pajkic segment "Ne salji mi pisma"
Branko Vukojevic segment "Do izvora dva putica"


 Nebojsa Bakocevic, Predrag Bjelac and Dragan Bjelogrlic

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