Friday, March 30, 2012

Koko and the Ghosts [2011]

Genre: Adventure. Family

Rating: 7.2/10

Adapted from the book by Ivan Kušan with the same name, the film "Koko and the ghosts" is about adventures of Ratko Milic "Koko" which moves from village to town where he got his new friends, but when he gets in trouble, seek to help those "old". House in which Koko moved with his family belonged to Vincek, miser old man whose death was shrouded in mysteryThe film will try to answer the question whether there are ghosts and whether will Koko with help of his friends solve the mystery of Vincek's death.

This is our, Crotatian movie and I think it is great. Looking at other films and seeing that croatian people are unable to make a good movie, even more unable to make a good series, this movie rocks. 

Director: Daniel Kušan
Writer: Daniel Kušan, Ivan Kušan (novel)

Stars: Antonio Parač (Koko), Nina Mileta (Marica), Kristian Bonačić (Zlatko)

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