Friday, November 4, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are [2009]

Inside all of us is... hope. Inside all of us is... fear. Inside all of us is... adventure. Inside all of us is a wild thing.

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy

Rating: 7.0/10

An adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's story, where Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world--a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler.

Frankly, this is awful. I don't know why is rating so high and maybe (or sure) there are some people who think this is very good. WHY? Little boy runs away from home and he finds some creatures who just fight and destroy stuff. I don't see anything worth watching and I don't think it's appropriate for kids. 


Spike Jonze


Spike Jonze (screenplay), Dave Eggers (screenplay), Maurice Sendak (book)


 Max Records (Max), Catherine O'Hara (Judith (voice)) and Forest Whitaker (Ira (voice))

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