Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Style [2008]

It's Time To Soar.

Genre: Drama

Cale, is determined to win a coveted spot on the Grand National racing team without compromising his devotion to his friends and family

First, Corbin is really good actor. Second, movie is great. But, as someone already said, Why call the Movie "Free style" when it's about Motocross? But, anyways, movie is encouraging. I love how Cale had to fight for what he have. I'm willing to forgive moviemakers for "freestyle/motocross" thing because I learned from this movie "about having the strength and determination to see life just as it is, with all its ups and downs; having the courage to face the past and let go". 


William Dear


Jeffrey Nicholson, Joshua Leibner


 Corbin Bleu (Cale Bryant), Sandra Echeverría  (Alex Lopez) and Madison Pettis (Bailey Bryant)

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